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BAS hoods, tonneau covers, hood envelopes, windows and fasteners are guaranteed free of defects, whether in materials or workmanship, at the time of dispatch from the factory.

This warranty is for one year from the date of purchase.

Damage caused by incorrect operation of the hood, tonneau, and hood envelope is excluded, as is damage caused by poorly designed, worn or defective hood frames and mechanisms. Damage resulting from improper installation, cleaning or other abuse is also excluded.

Before fitting, the condition of the hood frame should be checked, as should the replacement hood itself. BAS accepts no responsibility for work done outside its control, and no labour credit will be given.

All claims against the warranty should be sent, in the first instance, to the seller of the product, accompanied by proof of purchase. This ideally, should be this document supplied with the item concerned and the invoice. BAS reserve the right to have such items returned to its factory for inspection before any claim is accepted. 
BAS carpet and other materials are also guaranteed for 12 months from date of purchase.

All photos are copyright BAS Ltd and may not be used without permission.