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Cabriolet Hoods

Car Hoods that BAS manufacture are listed below, Cabriolet hoods are produced from two types of material, PVC and Mohair.  Cars originally produced with a PVC hood can be upgraded to Mohair for that extra touch of class.

As we supply our cabriolet hoods to trimshops around the world, we can normally recommend a cabriolet hood installer in your area.  Ask us for your nearest installer when you order your hood.


BAS supply most of the cabriolet hood manufacturers and suppliers in Europe, you may see our images and text used on other websites by companies supplying our products, if you purchase from one of these suppliers you should insist on a GENUINE BAS PRODUCT as we cannot guarantee that they will purchase all of their car hoods from BAS. If you have ordered a GENUINE BAS HOOD and feel that you have received an inferior product please contact us for confirmation.

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