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Jaguar Interiors

BAS Jaguar Interiors are the only interiors serious Jaguar restorers will accept for their cars. BAS were the first company in the world to offer replacement trim for Jaguars, over the past 40 years we have always managed to keep ahead of the competion, this is solely due to the fact that we never comprimise on quality.

Cars with our interiors have won more classic concourse shows than any other trim manufacturer, this is testament to the originality of our products and the high quality to which they are finished. Whether your after a full interior re-trim, or just an original style tool roll, BAS is the only brand you should accept for your Jag.

BAS can also offer an in house trimming service at our South Wales office where our highly trained and experienced trimmers will tailor make any Jaguar interior trim parts to your car. Email jaguar@bas-international.com or call the office for more details and pricing. 

With a BAS interior your classic Jaguar can once again look as it did when it rolled out of the factory at Browns Lane, Coventry.

If you place an order using our website you will notice there is no option to put extra details like: Colour, Left or Right hand drive, automatic or manual etc this is because there are so many variations available it would be almost impossible to offer all the different options so after the order has been placed a member of the office will contact you for further information.

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