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Rubber & Plastic Parts

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Small "D" Rubber (1 metre)

Used for Jaguar S-Type, 420 & Daimler 250 V8

Small "D" Rubber (1.5 metre)

Used for Jaguar S-Type, 420 & Daimler 250 V8

Large "D" Rubber

Used for Jaguar XK120 & XK140 Roadster's

Rear Hood Tacking Strip

For E-Type Series 1 & 2 RDSTR

FHC Cantrail Rubber

For E-Type FHC (under vinyl)

RDSTR Cantrail Rubber

For E-Type Series 1 & 2 RDSTR Part no. BD21800

PVC Wing Piping

For XK's. Colours available

Bumper to Body Rubber

For E-Type Series 1,2 & 3 Part no. BD18947-1,-2,-4

Rubber Boot Luggage Runner Strip

Used on the E-type Series 1 & 2 Fixed Head Coupe in the boot.

BAS Ramsey Seal

Suitable for Jaguar Cars XK through to Mk9

Crest of Wave Rubber

Used on XK120 A.Posts & B.Posts

PVC Trim

For E-Type FHC around rear door aperture

Rear Bumper Seal

For E-type Series 1. Per pair

Ignition Barrel Shroud

For E-Type Vl2 Part no. C37955

E-type S1 Headlight Rubber Seal

Used on E-type S1 Headlight

Rear Light Gaskets

For Series I FHC Part no. JP11136 (LH) & JP11137 (RH) For E-Type Series I Roadster Part no. JPB624 (LH) & JP8626 (RH)

Front Light Gaskets

For E-Type Series I Part no. JP8608 (LH) & JP8014 (RH)

Front Indicator Lamp Gasket

E-Type Series 2 & 3 Part no. 11719 (RH) & 11722 (LH)

Battery Rubber

For E-types Series 1, MK 10 & XJ6 Series 1. Part no. C19506


Series 2 Part no. BD25375

Carpet Stud

2 sections Part no. BD40871 male & BD22665 female

Rubber Buffer on Bonnet Locating Pegs

Rubber Buffer on Bonnet Locating Pegs

Boot Mat Grommet

For Jaguar XK 150.

Glove/Cubby Box (E-type)

For E-type Series 1,2 & 3.

Pocket Assembly Casing

For E-type 3.8 FHC (below quarter lights) With nylon flock finish.

Parcel Trays

For E-type V12 (also 1 & 2 2+2).

Door Handles

For E-type Series 1 & XK 150.


For E-type Series 2 & 3.

Door Recess Inserts

For E-type Series 2. x2

Door Handle Finisher

For E-type V12.

Moulded Front Dashtop Cover

For E-type V12 and 2+2.

Upper Rear Door Plastic Moulding

For E-type FHC Series 1 & 2. Untrimmed


For E-type Series 2 & 3.

Wiring Loom Cover Panel (Plastic)

For E-type Series 1 & 2 4.2 2+2. Untrimmed

Plastic Tail Gate Hinge Cover Set

For E-Type FHC Part no. BD38323/4/6.

Seat Refurbishment Kit

E-Type Series I & 2 4.2 E-Type V 12

E-Type Headrest Parts

Headrest foam, plastic cover plate and chrome bezel.

Headrest Spades

Headrest Spades in chrome and plastic For E-Type Series I, 2 & 3 and XJ6 Series I, 2 & Coupe

Lumber Support Strap

Lumber Support Strap

Rubber Rings

Used to hold the seat back horse hair in place on E-type seats.

Pivot Bushes

For tilt forward seat hinge grommet of E-Type Series 1 4.2.

Rubber Clutch & Brake Pedal

For all E-Types, XK140 and XK150.

Plastic Accelerator Pedal

For V12 E-Type Series 3.

Rubber Heel Mat

Used to protect the carpet where your heel goes while driving.